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Money Manager

Kotlin SQLite Android

A privacy focused, money management app that lets you manage all of your accounts. This app does not link to your bank accounts or collect your personal data. Everything is saved on your device where the main database can be exported using the backup tool in the app's settings.

The main features:

  • You can add, edit and delete transactions, accounts and categories. All transactions can be filed under one category, but can involve multiple accounts (e.g. a payment to a supermarket made up of cash and card payments.)
  • Add transfers between two accounts.
  • Add recurring transactions that will automatically add based on the given frequency settings.
  • Recieve notifications when a recuring transaction has taken place.
  • Customisable date format.
  • Secure the app via a PIN lock.
  • Change the main currency format (symbol, grouping separator symbol, decimal symbol and a suffix.)
  • View all transactions and view by account or category.
  • View pie charts for income and expenses on a monthly basis.
  • Manually update account balances.
  • Ability to set a default account

Please note: This app is still in testing and some bugs may be present.

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Screenshot of the Money Manager dashboard


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