Money Manager


Created a mobile application to help with managing finances

A privacy focused, money management app that lets you manage all of your accounts. This app does not link to your bank accounts or collect your personal data. Everything is saved on your device where the main database can be exported using the backup tool in the app's settings.

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Arbicon LTD Website


Created a website for an arbitration company

Initially, this was a three-week pair programming project. This involved rewriting an existing website to increase site performance, SEO and to deliver a better user experience. The site was written so that articles, or other repetitive pages, could be produced on page load. In addition to this, I included an admin area so that the company could manage their site, for example, by uploading more articles.

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Unicorn HAT Mini Clock

Raspberry Pi

Forked a project to create a clock using a Unicorn HAT Mini

This project involved forking an existing project on GitHub, unicornhatmini-clock. I took it further to add additional functionality such as a night-mode feature to dim the LEDs when it's dark. This HAT can get VERY bright so only 2% brightness is enough at night. I also added a few settings variables at the top, so it's easy to customise the clock without having to make changes to the code.

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eBay Fee Calculator

Web App

Created an online tool to calculate total eBay fees

I made a tool that would work out how much profit would be returned on an eBay sale. It is based of 10% final value fee and a 10% final postage fee. Then the PayPal fee is taken as 3.4% and an additional 20p for the transaction. I added an option to adjust the final value as there may be promotions, such as a £1 maximum fee.

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Web Technologies Course Website


Created a website to assist learning HTML, CSS and JS

This website offers explanations of the main features to each of the 3 languages discussed. The purpose of this site was to assist students studying the web technologies course. It covers a broad overview of the course and additional content that goes beyond the specification for anyone who would like to learn more about the topic. It contains many examples of code and how they will act / be displayed in a browser.

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Student Organiser


Created a digital planner for students

This is a project that I made for my A Level Computer Science coursework. It is a student organiser that uses sqlite3 to store the student's tasks into a database file. The purpose of this program is to allow the user to add in tasks such as: homework, coursework and their exam dates and be able to add notes as well as easily sort them into a chosen order.

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